Kent Institute Australia | Exploring Kent’s Student Events
Kent Institute Australia is a successful Australian higher education and vocational training provider, with campuses centrally located in Sydney and Melbourne; close to all amenities with access to public transport.
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Exploring Kent’s Student Events


The student events offered at Kent have one main objective, and that is to develop our student’s social and professional skill set in order for them to be a success upon their graduation. Students who attend these extra-curricular events have a great chance to grow their soft skills and hone their communication abilities, giving them a competitive advantage once they enter the workforce. A detailed Student Events Calendar is available on the Kent website, where you can explore what events are coming up throughout the month. We thought we would highlight some of these events in this article, and the added benefits you can obtain by attending them.


Career Hub
Every Monday from 12pm – 1pm. Level 5 Breakout Area

Career Hub Consultation Time is the perfect opportunity for you to receive personalised support with your career progression. Whether it is discussing your future career goals and how to achieve them, or developing an effective resume for the Australian employment market, Career Hub is here to assist you in any way to achieve your professional aspirations.


Job Readiness Program
The Job Readiness Program gives students an acute look into what it is like finding employment in Australia as an international student. The program has four different workshops available to interested students, which include:

  1. Australian Workplace Culture
  2. Job Search Skills
  3. Job Application Preparation
  4. Interview Skills


No matter how far into your course you are, you should always have an eye on potential career openings either while you are studying or after your graduation. The Job Readiness Program is a great tool in preparing you for your dream job in your area of study. Another great resource open to all current and alumni students is the Kent Careers Service, an online platform that specialises in assisting students in preparing for their chosen career.


English Café
The English café was established for students wanting to develop their English speaking abilities in a fun and supportive environment. Available to students of any skill level, the workshop consists of the following events:

  1. English Café Welcome – get to know your fellow students and build your confidence speaking English.
  2. Survivor (Speaking Skills) – this workshop focuses on learning teamwork and decision-making skills to solve any problem.
  3. Essay Expert – analyse your essay questions more effectively using top-secret reading strategies.
  4. Excellent Emails (Writing Skills) – learn about email etiquette and appropriate language to use when making requests in a professional environment.
  5. Before you Listen – sometimes listening can be the most important part of communicating in English. This workshop explores strategies used for successful listening in English.


Leadership and Personal Success
Leadership abilities are highly sought after by employers looking to develop their team into highly skilled managers. Kent’s Leadership and Personal Success workshops look to develop a student’s ability to lead others and gives them knowledge on the best ways of achieving this. The workshops feature guest presenters who motivate our students to overcome their daily challenges and inspire them to achieve all that they can while studying here in Australia.


All workshops, events and presentations at Kent help you excel in your studies, build your employability and gain real life leadership experience. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar to view upcoming workshops that you can be a part of to make you a more employable graduate.