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Kent Institute Australia is a successful Australian higher education and vocational training provider, with campuses centrally located in Sydney and Melbourne; close to all amenities with access to public transport.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


This page has been established to use as a reference tool, to answer many of the questions that may arise throughout the journey of the student life-cycle. If you have a question that is not covered below, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing


Does Kent have a Student Pre-Arrival Guide for International Students?

Yes! Click here to read our comprehensive guide.

How can I apply to study with Kent?

Great choice! Click here to see more information about the application process.

Can I apply via an education agent?

Yes! Click here to find an agent nearest to you.

What are the Admissions Criteria to Kent courses?

Kent has academic and English entry criteria specified for each course; some courses have additional pre-requisite requirements for entry. More information is on our Admissions Criteria page.

I have a conditional offer- what does that mean?

You must provide evidence of meeting the conditions outlined on your Offer of Admission prior to commencing the course. If for any reason you know that you will not be able to meet the specified conditions, you should not accept the offer.

How do I accept my Offer of Admission?

You will need to read and sign your Offer of Admission – Enrolment Agreement on all pages and send this to along with evidence of the initial deposit payment. More information is available here.

How do I apply for Course Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning?

Applicants who have undertaken any higher education study, Vocational Education and Training (VET) study or have worked in the related industry within the last ten years, may be eligible for admission to a Kent course with credit transfers (advanced standing). For more information on this process, visit the Course Credit / Recognition of Prior Learning page.


The total course credit granted for prior learning external to Kent will not exceed 50% of the course.

International Students

Immigration is notified of changes to course length at the time advanced standing is granted. If Course Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning is granted, the actual net course duration (as reduced by course credit granted) will be indicated on the student’s Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

When do I get my Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)?

Upon receipt of your paid fees and signed Enrolment Agreement (send to, Kent will issue you with your COE within two working days. International students use a COE to apply for, or maintain a student visa.

How do I arrange my Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?

Kent can organise OSHC for you through our preferred provider – Bupa, and an invoice for this is mentioned on your Offer of Admission. For more information about what your OSHC would cover if you organised it through Kent, please refer to detailed information on their website


International students in Australia are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of their stay in Australia. Students with dependents (for example, spouses and children under 18 years old), must also obtain OSHC. It includes cover for visits to the doctor, some hospital treatment, ambulance cover and limited pharmaceuticals (medicines). OSHC insurers can provide a range of different OSHC products and you can decide who you organise your cover through.

Who can help me organise my accommodation?

For information on arranging accommodation, click here.


If you still need more help, contact or phone +612 9093 5151.

How do I apply for a visa?

The Department of Home Affairs provides the most current information about student visa requirements and application procedures. Apply for your visa through your Kent approved migration agent or for more information on applying for your own visa, visit

What is Kent’s policy on Access and Equity?

Kent is committed to providing an environment that upholds the principles of social justice, equity, diversity and social inclusion. Kent strives to build a vibrant community, which respects the inherent dignity of the individual and values the unique knowledge, skills, abilities, life skills and competencies that each person can contribute to learning and workplace culture. View our Access and Equity Policy here.

How can I make a complaint about the Admissions Process?

Access information about Kent’s complaint and Appeals processes here.

How can I apply for a refund?

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and submitted on the Student Refund Request Form in person or by email to (Documents > Public Policies and Forms >FORM – Student Refund Request Form).


Kent’s Refund Policy is available as part of the Offer of Admission- Enrolment Agreement and located here.

What is Orientation Week 'O Week’?

Orientation is your chance to find your bearings on campus and meet other students before classes start. It is also about welcoming you to the Kent community, and making sure your experience here is the best possible. You will be given lots of advice and useful contacts to help you thrive and succeed in your personal and academic endeavours.


The events offered will vary depending on whether you are a commencing student in Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses or Higher Education courses.


New students will receive emails regarding the time and date of orientation sessions, if you have any specific questions about this process you can email for more information.

Is Orientation Week ‘O Week’ Compulsory?

Yes. Student Orientation is compulsory and is a key step to successful integration for all new students. If you miss the first sessions, you will be required to attend the late orientation sessions applicable for your course.

How do I get my student ID card?

All Kent students are issued with a Student Identification Card when they enrol. On the day you enrol, you will have your photo taken for your student ID card. Collect your ID card from the IT Help Desk after this day. Students are required to have these cards on them at all times whilst on a Kent campus.

How do I enrol?

Higher Education Students

At the beginning of each Trimester, and before being able to attend any classes, students must finalise their tuition fees and see the Higher Education Administrator on their campus to receive course advice, and enrol into their units. When receiving course advice, each student must select the units to be studied and will receive academic advice about their choice of Units. Students are advised to check the pre-requisite Units that are required before the enrolment date in order to facilitate this process. Once enrolled, students are eligible to attend classes, access computer laboratories and the Library.


Vocational Education and Training (VET) Students

Students must come into the campus and contact the Academic team on Level 1 to finalise enrolment into a new course of study. This may also be done during the orientation session. Continuing VET students will be automatically enrolled in all study periods until completion of the course unless they have outstanding fees, or need to come in for an academic intervention. Once enrolled, students are eligible to attend classes, access computer laboratories, and the Library.

How do I get my timetable?

Once you have enrolled you will be able to log-on to our online course administration platform (called SIS) and select/view your timetable.

What should I wear to class?

Dress requirements are neat casual or business attire. Please note that shorts and thongs are not considered suitable attire.

How do I access the online systems?

During enrolment, you are provided with a computer access form, which details your personal system access information. These details can be used to login to any of Kent’s online systems which are available from the side menu on the website.

How do log on to my Kent email address?

Students are provided with an email account, which is the official means of communication with students. Students are required to check their student email account at least every two days during study periods and can see the IT Helpdesk for assistance in having the account added to their smart phone. Students can access their emails by clicking on Student Email on the side menu bar on the website.

Are there computers, printing, scanning and copying facilities available?

Yes. Computers are available for all students inside the library during library operating hours; as well as inside the study lab; available during campus operating hours. Scanning is available for free and sent via email.
Printing and photocopying facilities are available to students within the library and on most levels within the campus.


Charges for printing and photocopying are as follows:

Size Cost
A4 Black & White 10 cents per page
A4 Colour 20 cents per page
A3 Black & White 20 cents per page
A3 Colour 40 cents per page

How do I add credit on my ID card to use the printers and copiers?

Students can load money onto their Student Identification Card at the Student Payments Office. Each recharge must be a minimum of $10.

What are the library opening hours?

For all library information, including opening hours click here.

Does Kent have library fines?

Yes, students who do not comply with the Kent Library borrowing system and do not return loaned Library resources in a timely manner will incur charges.

For all library information, including opening hours click here.

What activities and events can I get involved in?

Check out our events calendar!
Kent holds many extracurricular events and activities for students all throughout the year. The purpose of these is to increase engagement and collegiality amongst the student cohort, help students adjust to studying and life in Australia and to provide opportunities for students to build on their own professional skills ready for the workplace.


Students can email for more information or register their attendance for an event to get involved.

What is the Student LEAD program?

Leadership, Experience and Development (LEAD) Program
Kent’s LEAD program gives aspiring leaders an opportunity to build leadership capacity, interpersonal communication and gain skills for future employment. Students earn points for participation in key activities, events and volunteering opportunities throughout the year. All students who accumulate 100 points or more over the year will be awarded with a Kent LEAD Program certificate for their portfolios. The student who accumulates the highest number of points will be awarded the Kent LEAD Ambassador of the year certificate and trophy and will be nominated by Kent to win awards such as the City of Sydney/Melbourne International Student of the Year Award competition. The Kent LEAD Ambassador of the Year will also receive significant media coverage through social platforms, website, YouTube and newsletters.

Does Kent have student groups?

Student Representative Group (SRG)
Kent’s SRG is made up of students in both Sydney and Melbourne campuses, who meet independently throughout the year to discuss key topics raised by Kent and student lead ideas and concerns. Click here for more information on the SRG.

I need legal help, who can I see?

Students can contact the Student Engagement and Wellbeing Coordinator on campus, who can assist them in gaining referrals to the correct Legal Services.





How can I pay my fees?

For information on how to make a payment, click here.

When are my fees due?

Tuition fees are required to be paid in accordance with the Student Payments Policy & Procedure and by the dates included on a student’s Offer of Admission – Enrolment Agreement. Students are not enrolled until all fees have been paid.


Students can check their next payment due dates at any time by logging on to their Student Information System (SIS) account.


Email for more information.
Access Kent’s policies here.

Can I pay in instalments?

The approved instalment due dates are those listed on a student’s Offer of Admission – Enrolment Agreement.

What if I can’t pay my fees by the due date?

Kent may approve an extension of time to pay tuition fees in exceptional or compelling circumstances. To apply for an extension of time to pay, the Student Fee Extension Application form must be completed and submitted in person at the Student Payments Office or emailed to (Documents > Student Policies and Forms > FORM – Student Fee Extension Application – Login Required)

What is a USI?

Students who enrol into Vocation Education (VET) courses must provide Kent with a USI number.


The Unique Student Identifier or USI is a reference number made up of 10 numbers and letters that:

  • creates a secure online record of your recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, even from different training organisations
  • will give you access to your training records and transcripts (available in late 2016)
  • can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere
  • is free and easy to create and
  • stays with you for life


Visit to create your USI free of charge.

Is my feedback on teaching and other aspects of my experience at Kent actually used?



Feedback is critical to Kent in order to continually improve the learning experience for students. All students are encouraged to provide feedback at any time. Student Feedback is collected in the:

  • New Student Survey
  • Student Satisfaction Survey and Teaching Evaluation Survey
  • Student Experience Survey
  • Exit survey
  • Graduate Surveys
  • Feedback boxes available on campus
  • Feedback link available in students SIS account


If you provided your feedback anonymously, check noticeboards, unit outlines and screens for announcements on any changes made as a result. If you provided your details, you may receive direct contact to inform you about what we did with your feedback.

Does Kent have a counsellor for students?

Yes. Personal Counselling services are available to all students free of charge and may take the form of advice or referral to other services.


Kent caters to diverse student learning needs and aims to identify and respond to the learning needs of all students. We know that students need to be able to manage all areas of their life in order to achieve academically. We also know that as most of our students are studying a long way from their family and usual support systems and it’s possible they may experience more challenges than local students. Students are encouraged to express their views about their learning needs at all stages of their learning experience.


Personal counselling services include but are not limited to:

  • Grievance /conflict resolution
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Life skills and time management
  • Access and equity issues
  • Student welfare and support
  • General wellbeing and healthy living


The Student Engagement and Wellbeing Co-ordinator(s), are available to counsel students in these areas either over the phone, via Skype, or in person. Any students who would like to access this service should send an email to organise a confidential appointment.





Does Kent have Career Services?

Yes. Kent’s Careers Portal offers current students and alumni a state of the art resource tool to assist them in looking for employment and preparing for the application and interview process. The portal contains learning modules, activities and job search functions for skill and knowledge development when applying for industry jobs. The Careers Portal offers the following resources:

  • CV Builder
  • Cover Letter Builder
  • Interview Simulator
  • Elevator Pitch Simulator
  • Search Function for Industry Jobs
  • Advice from Current Employers
  • Self-Development & Career Management Tools


Logging in:
Students can access the Careers Service portal in two easy steps:

  1. Click here to go to the login page.
  2. Login using your Kent student email address and password.


Kent also runs Job Ready workshops and individual ‘drop in’ Career Hub consultations. See our events calendar to view times, and register your attendance.

How do I get help with academic skills?

Kent is committed to ensuring that all students receive adequate learning support to ensure their full potential is reached.


Academic Learning Support (ALS) is available for all students free of charge.


Sydney Campus

Melbourne Campus

What do I do if I cannot submit an assessment on time?

Higher Education Students
A student may request an assignment extension if they are unable to submit an assignment by the due date. Students must apply for an extension within three (3) business days of the due date by completing an Assignment Extension form available in Moodle. This form must be submitted in person or by email to the Higher Education Administrator, with supporting documentation, such as a medical certificate.


Vocational Education (VET) Students

  • A student is eligible to apply for a Supplementary Assessment based on medical or extenuating circumstances, which have prevented the student from submitting an assessment item.
  • To apply for Supplementary Assessment a student must complete the Supplementary Assessment Form available in the forms section of SIS, or from the VET Administration Counter. This must be submitted to the VET Administrator within three (3) working days of the due date for the assessment task or examination scheduled date.

How can I apply for a review of the grade I was awarded?

Higher Education Students
Students may apply for a review of grade if they believe a clerical error has been made or when assessment requirements specified in the unit outline were varied.


Applications for a review of grade have strict timelines; students should refer to the Review of grade Policy and Procedure or the Student Handbook for full details. (Documents > Student Policies and Forms > FORM – Review of Grade Application – Login required)
Access Kent’s policies here.


Vocational Education (VET) Students
To apply for a review of grade, students should see the VET Administrator, or Head of Vocational Education on Level 1 and request a review within seven (7) working days of grade release date.

What happens if I commit Academic Misconduct?

Academic misconduct means seeking to obtain or obtaining academic advantage for oneself or for others by dishonest or unfair means, this also includes plagiarism.


If a student’s work is shown to include plagiarised work, or a student is caught cheating, or other Academic Misconduct concerns, the matter will be reviewed in accordance with Kent’s Academic Misconduct Policy & Procedures.
Access Kent’s policies here.

What happens if I fail a Unit or receive a grade of NYC?

In general, students who receive an unsuccessful grade will be required to repeat the subject or unit again; including paying any relevant fees and this may involve an extension to the course end date. Students in this circumstance should see the Student Services team for advice on this process.


Other Options:

  • Students may apply for a review of grade, deferred exam, and supplementary assessment or exams in certain circumstances
  • Higher Education students will be automatically offered a supplementary exam if their final mark for the unit is between 45 and 49. Supplementary exams are normally held in Week 2 of the following trimester. Eligible students will be informed of date and time of the supplementary exam by Kent email.

Can I take a break from my studies?

Students currently undertaking a course of study who have been, or will be absent from classes for a period of time which impacts their ability to complete the block or trimester should apply for an approved leave or suspension by completing the Student Request for Leave or Suspension of Enrolment Application Form. (Documents > Student Policies and Forms > FORM – Student Request for Leave or Suspension of Enrolment Application – Login required). Sufficient documentary evidence must be provided with the application.


A student’s request for suspension of studies will be considered in accordance with the Student Suspension and Cancellation of Enrolment Policy & Procedure.
Access Kent’s policies here.

How long can I stay in Australia on my student visa after my course is finished?

Kent will inform the Department of Home Affairs that you have completed your studies on the date that your final grade is released.


Your student visa will be valid for 28 days after your final grade release date, unless it expires sooner.


In order to comply with your visa conditions you must either depart Australia within this time, or apply for another Australian Visa.

When is the graduation ceremony?

Kent conducts one graduation ceremony in Sydney and Melbourne annually in December. This event is the official conferral of a student’s award and qualification, the ceremony also marks a celebration of their academic achievements at Kent and is a time to celebrate with staff, family and friends. Click here for more information.

What happens after I graduate?

Kent wants to keep in touch with all Alumni; there are special networking events organised each year, free workshops and other incentives to stay in touch. We want to celebrate your successes, so please keep us up to date with your career endeavours!


Click here for more information, and to provide your updated details.