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Kent Institute Australia is a successful Australian higher education and vocational training provider, with campuses centrally located in Sydney and Melbourne; close to all amenities with access to public transport.
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Kent Adjunct Staff


Adjunct Professor

Emeritus Professor Jenny Edwards



  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Science
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons)


  • Australian Computer Society (Fellow) and Accreditation Panel (Chair)
  • Australian Teaching and Learning (Fellow)
  • Tertiary Education Qualifications and Standards Agency (TEQSA) Assessor


Emeritus Professor Edwards has been active in programming, particularly parallel algorithms for over 40 years and her work is used in scientific matrix routine libraries and large scale mathematical programming . She has been involved with a number of agile software engineering research projects. She was a senior Visiting Research Fellow at IBM (United States of America) for some 15 years. She has held various senior management and academic positions at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) since 1976 including Director of Undergraduate Studies, Head of School of Computing Sciences and Associate Dean (Research).


Supervision of some 23 Masters of Science and PhD students and Examiner for about 10 PhD theses from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and she has also spent many years teaching in areas such as discrete mathematics, IT Professionalism and ethics, data structures and algorithms, research methods and numerous capstone projects from undergraduate and Masters students. She is on the accreditations committee of the Australian Computer Society and has undertaken many accreditations and faculty reviews across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.


Emeritus Professor Jenny Edwards is currently Professor of Information Technology at University of Technology, Sydney. She is a member of the Kent Institute Australia Academic Board.


Adjunct Professor

Emeritus Professor Craig McDonald



  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Science and Society
  • Bachelor of Arts


  • Australian Computing Society (Fellow), Ethics Committee (Member), University Accreditation Panel (Chair)
  • Australian Library and Information Association (Member)
  • Australian Institute for Computer Ethics (Member)
  • Association of Information Systems (Member)
  • Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems (Member)


Emeritus Professor Craig McDonald has been an information systems developer, project manager and consultant, university lecturer, researcher and senior academic manager. The focus of his work is the theory and practice of systems for the management of data, information and knowledge with an emphasis on the ontological and ethical aspects of systems. His current research activity involves the theory and methods of concept analysis and the construction of conceptual frameworks, e-Research (embedded and consequential ethics in informatics research), the nature of phenomena in informatics research, indicator systems (development of effective performance indicators to better ground the relationship between government and non-for-profit organisations) and the knowledge management approach to education. He is on the TEQSA register of experts.


Craig McDonald is a member of the Kent Institute Australia Course Advisory Committee (Information Technology). He is Emeritus Professor of Informatics at University of Canberra is the convenor of Informatics21, a network of academics and practitioners that researches and consults in various aspects of data, information and knowledge management.


Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Pramila Gupta



  • Doctor of Philosophy (Information Systems)
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Information Technology


  • Australian Computer Society (Member)
  • International Conference on Information Resource Management (Ongoing Co-Chair of the Track ‘Enterprise Systems and Knowledge Management)


20 years in the academic field of teaching and research (Information Technology and Information Systems) and academic operations and management in Australian universities. In particular, the interests are in teaching System Analysis and Modelling for database systems development for business applications to postgraduate and undergraduate students. Also undertaken development and promotion of Learning and Teaching programs in the student centred environment ensuring excellence and continuous improvement, not only for the diverse and evolving global student body, but also providing academic and professional staff with ample opportunities for their professional development.


Dr. Gupta’s affiliation with the annual ‘International Conference on Information Resource Management’ involves her as a Program Committee member and reviewer since 2008. Conf-IRM 2017 is in Santiago Chile and Pramila is again appointed as a Co-Chair of the track ‘Enterprise Systems and Knowledge Management’.