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Kent Institute Australia | Kent Institute Australia explores the stories of recent alumni
Kristina was a recent Kent alumni and tells her success story after graduating from Kent
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Kristina Magathova


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1. What is your current job title and what organisation do you work for?

IMG_0136I work for a company that provides specialised supply, service and hire of powered rehabilitation equipment for people with disabilities. The Company I work for is an Australian owned business established in 1995. I work as a Marketing Assistant and CRM Manager and look after all online marketing, including blogging, social media, advertising and email marketing using the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Platform.
My other responsibilities include maintaining the company’s website with the use of WordPress. I also regularly use and have gained vast experience with Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) and use this to create design options for flyers, brochure, business cards and merchandise.
Lastly, I look after events and trade shows within Australia and maintain the company’s database list with clients’ contact details.


2. Where are you originally from?

I’m from Slovakia and arrived in Australia in 2009.


3. We know the Kent student body is culturally diverse, where in the world are you working?

I live and work in Sydney, Australia.


4. What did you study at Kent?

The first course I studied was the Diploma of Digital Media Technologies, which gave me experience in html, project management, flash and java. I then went on to study a Bachelor of Business majoring in Management, and graduated in 2014.


5. Do you believe your time at Kent adequately prepared you for your current work? Why/why not?

I believe Kent is a great educational institution that has experienced tutors who provide a thorough education to students. However, I think that students still need to take the time to study and prepare for their classes regularly. Kent does a great job in preparing students for their career but it is still up the student to have the desire to succeed.


6. What advice would you give to students currently studying at Kent?

I personally would suggest to everyone with career goals to follow their dreams. Find an internship program that will help you to build your resume and understand how the business world works in real life. I know how hard it is to go from interview to another interview, I know how hard it is to be rejected, but I believe once you set up your goals you can achieve them. Never give up!


7. What did you love most about studying in Australia?

Studying at Kent was an amazing experience from the beginning. I am thrilled I had an opportunity to study technical subjects and learn about HTML, JAVA, FLASH, Project management and many more areas. Kent’s library was expanding every semester and we did not need to go far to study or write our assessments. The tutors at Kent were also brilliant and really enhanced the educational experience.