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Kent Institute Australia | Kent’s LEAD Awards Ceremony
Kent’s LEAD Awards Ceremony recognised the achievements of students who participated in the program throughout the year.
Kent Institute Australia LEAD Awards Ceremony – Sydney campus

Kent’s LEAD Awards Ceremony



Kent’s Leadership, Experience and Development (LEAD) Awards Ceremony took place within the Sydney campus and recognised the achievements of students who went above and beyond this year in developing their skills and making a positive contribution around campus and the local community. Attendees of the ceremony were also treated to a presentation from Shivi Bhalla, a young entrepreneur and author of the book ‘Studying in Australia – The ultimate guide to settling in, finding a job and Permanent Residency in Australia’.


A big congratulations goes out to Myrvee Ortega, who was awarded the 2016 LEAD Ambassador of the Year award, as she accrued the most LEAD points throughout the year. Kent encourages any students who wish to add to their professional development and make new friends to enquire about our LEAD program for 2017.


Once again well done to all students who attended!