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Kent Institute Australia | Our Vision
The Centre of Academic Excellence Pty Ltd owns and manages the Kent Institute of Business and Technology. Call the Sydney or Melbourne campuses on +61 2 9267 9284.
The Centre of Academic Excellence Pty Ltd | Kent Institute

Our Focus


Our Focus

Educate, stimulate and empower


At Kent we have a simple focus. We want to help students from all backgrounds and all cultures gain access to quality higher and vocational education.
We also strive to stimulate discussion, encourage critical thinking and empower our students to make confident, informed educational and career decisions.


A safe place to learn


We encourage a free, open, enjoyable studying environment at both our Sydney and Melbourne campuses. Our entire leadership team contributes to and upholds core objectives which include working to:

  • Adopt best practices: We ensure our courses and training staff follow both Australian and global best practices in education.
  • Build industry links: We continuously establish and maintain links to both industry and professional institutes to ensure our courses meet all the requirements of the workplace.
  • Encourage diversity: We welcome students of all backgrounds and cultures to enrol in our courses and work to create an open, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Empower students: We don’t just teach; instead, we work collaboratively to transform our students into confident, competent professionals with all the skills and know-how they need to succeed.


We’re proud to have helped nearly 10,000 local and international students get the training and education they need to succeed in a huge variety of industries, both in Australia and overseas.