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Be the voice of Kent Institute Australia’s student body by joining the Student Representative Group
Kent Institute Australia’s Student Representative Group

Kent’s Student Representative Group



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Kent Institute Australia (Kent) recognises the imperative role students play in providing valuable insight into all aspects of student life. The Student Representative Group (SRG) acts as an effective independent mechanism to encourage ongoing communication between the student body and Kent.


The primary role and objective of the SRG is to enable an elected group of students to represent the student body and to conduct an effective group meeting structure with designated Kent executive managers to ensure the student body is adequately represented and recognised to:

  • Enhance the advancement of student life, quality education and student participation
  • Contribute to maintaining and enhancing student life in all the relevant aspects such as academic and social areas
  • Mediate the gap between the Kent students and management
  • Actively model an inclusive environment, ensuring that students from all cultural groups are recognised and have the opportunity for formal representation
  • Improve transparency through consistent communication with Kent students
  • Encourage and support active participation of all students in community engagement


PRESIDENT – Md. Jabir Hossain (Sydney)


VICE PRESIDENT – Sahibzada Asad-Ur-Rehman (Melbourne)


ENGAGEMENT LIAISON – Deepesh Mishra (Sydney)


ALUMNI LIAISON – Enosh Kwabena Yeboah (Sydney)


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