Kent Institute Australia | Try these Techniques to Maximise your Exam Results!
Kent Institute Australia is a successful Australian higher education and vocational training provider, with campuses centrally located in Sydney and Melbourne; close to all amenities with access to public transport.
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Try these Techniques to Maximise your Exam Results!


While some students enjoy the challenge of a sitting for an exam, other students feel stressed and unprepared for them. There are several key tips and strategies that all students can use to improve their exam performance.

Right before the exam, prepare ahead.
Double-check the time and location of each of your exams. Get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy filling meal when you wake up on the morning of an exam day. Give yourself plenty of time to make it to your exam on time just in case there is an unforeseen delay. Bring your Student ID, pens and any other permissible material (calculators and textbooks if allowed) to ensure you have everything you need to do your best.

During reading time, plan for the exam.
Dedicate a time limit for each question based on the time it would approximately take to complete and how many marks the question is worth. Read each question very carefully, as misinterpreting what the question asks for can drastically reduce the amount of marks you can receive. Finally, plan the order of questions that you will answer. You do not need to start with the first question, so it is advisable to start with those questions that you feel most confident about answering.

During writing time, employ specific techniques for each type of question.
For multiple-choice questions, you should always eliminate all incorrect answers first and select the most correct answer. Short answer responses must be in a structured paragraph and supply enough detail (analysis, evidence or examples) to be awarded full marks. Longer responses require an essay structure. Accordingly, you should map out a brief essay plan beforehand and include an introduction and conclusion in your response. It is also a good idea to highlight key words, so that your marker can identify that you have included important pieces of information. Finally, all mathematical answers should also contain your calculations, as it is sometimes possible to receive marks for your process.

For further assistance with your exam preparation, make an appointment with Academic Learning Support!

Andrew Kelly
Academic Learning Support Coordinator at Kent Institute Australia