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Best Apps for International Students


It’s time to wake up and smell the technology. With nearly every international student now owning a smartphone, it’s time to start utilising this great bit of technology to get the most out of your studies here in Australia. There is almost an app for every aspect of your life, which can make your life as an international student cheaper and more enjoyable. In this blog article, we will explore the best apps to have as a student to get the most out of your studying abroad experience.


Lecture Recording Apps
It wasn’t too long ago that when you were looking around a lecture you would see the majority of students furiously taking down notes at a frantic and wild pace. Half the time you would barely be able to read what had been written down and you would have also missed what the lecturer was saying because you were too focused on your notes. It’s good to know that those days are now long past us, and there are several apps on the market that can assist you in the note-taking process. Some of the best apps for this purpose include:

  • SoundNote (iPad)
  • Office Lens (iOS)
  • Lecture Capture (iOS)


Exam Preparation Apps
It’s time to put those coloured pens and stickers away! You can now save time on making a study timetable by downloading apps that can help you prepare for those end of semester exams. There are also some great apps on the market that let you know when you should be taking a study break, we have broken them down here:

  • My Study Plan: Records how many hours you want to spend on each subject, dates of exams and hours of revision each day for different subjects.
  • Pomodora: This app suggests staying focused on revision for 25 minutes, and then following this up with structured breaks.


Revision Apps
Revision apps are now a big business, and it pays to know which apps are the best for your own personal study needs. Many apps focus on different areas of revision, so there are many different choices no matter how you prefer to revise. Some of the best apps we recommend to students include:

  • StudyBlue: If you are a visual learner then this app is for you! StudyBlue specialises in online flash cards that you can use for revision and to test yourself.
  • GoConqr: This app takes revising for exams to the next level. It has functionality for the user to create revision charts, mind maps, flash cards and much more.


Student Organisation Apps
Being organised is one of the most important aspects of revision for exams and assessments. Throughout the semester, it definitely pays to have a structured and ordered study plan to follow to get the most out of your revision strategies. Apps that can help you with this include:

  • Class Timetable: Organise and map your timetable with ease.
  • Timetable: This app is the same idea but offers a clean and sharp layout, with easy functionality.


Whatever the reason is for downloading specialised revisions apps to your smartphone, there is no doubt that they can boost productivity and efficiency while you study. Try some of these apps today and see if they have a positive impact on your revision for the upcoming exam period.